Publication: A novel fully-automated system for lifelong continuous phenotyping of mouse cognition and behaviour

July 1, 2022

Cambridge Phenotyping presents a new fully automated AI-driven home-cage system for cognitive and behavioural phenotyping in mice. The system incorporates spontaneous alternation T-maze, novel-object recognition and object-in-place recognition tests combined with monitoring of an animal position, water consumption, quiescence and locomotion patterns, all carried out continuously and simultaneously in an unsupervised fashion over long periods of time. Mice learnt the tasks rapidly without any need for water or food restrictions.

transforming pre-clinical and basic science research on cognition and behavior

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From UK Dementia Research Institute

From UK Dementia Research Institute

Just imagine that you have your mouse, which has received no training. You put it in the cage, close it up and walk away, that is it. The system does all the testing for you, 24/7, with the data put out in near real time so you can run all the analysis that same day.